Women’s Self Defense

Some Alarming Statistics

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Over 22 million women in the US have been subjected to the horror of sexual assault. There is no link between these instances, so one cannot say that such crimes are predominately associated with a particular socio-economic class, ethnicity or age group. However, there are commonalities of place and situation that often connect these crimes. This is why we believe that women’s self defense training should be seriously considered among women everywhere.

The Right Place – All The Time

driving 2

Try not to travel alone, particularly at night.  It should be avoided if at all possible.  This is one of of the most risky things a woman can do – aside from hitch-hiking. You should also avoid the use of public transportation after rush hour or walking home alone. Going to a subway station can, in itself, spell trouble if you don’t have someone along for company.

Studies show that ladies get frequently assaulted by men who accompany them inside their own homes or backyards; such as repairmen, a new acquaintance, or neighbor. Girls, remember, women can become easy prey by cavorting with strangers after a few drinks!  A “no-brainer” to some, but something every woman should be cognizant of.  Thousands of statistics started out their evening this way.

Of course, walking along any secluded roadway or alley is dangerous -especially after sunset.  But a walk or jog alone through a city park can be equally as dangerous.  As a woman, you should instinctively never subject yourself to these situations.  As another example; you could be exposing yourself to criminal elements in a dimly parking lot – which has little, to no security  (even though you’ve felt safe a thousand times before).   Dropping your guard for even a few minutes can turn a relatively safe scenario into a crime waiting to happen. There is simply no way to predict when or how you may be targeted. But you can control the “where”!  Stay out of places that don’t feel safe.

Stall – For As Long As Possible

If you should, however, find yourself in a situation where intentions are clear;  offer up your wallet, beg, plead, shout for help, and run.  If forced into his car, jump out at the stop light!  Try anything that will cause the driver to lose control (at slower speeds of course). But, it’s always best to take precautionary measures in advance – before the crime happens.  Always be aware of your surroundings and who you are near.  Take a different route home every few days after work. Use the elevator instead of stairs when you are alone. If your intuition senses danger, don’t ignore!  And remember, stay calm and don’t show fear in any threatening situation. You will develop confidence through learning self defense techniques!   So, read on….

You Can Defend Yourself – No Matter Your Size

female_fighterContrary to popular belief, you don’t need the weight or height advantage to take on an opponent (should an unavoidable altercation occur). One HUGE factor that will make a difference, is how mentally prepared you are to handle the situation.  And by the way, there is such a thing as “paralyzing fear”;  when the shock of what is happening is so great that we simply cannot physically react.  You must understand that fear will give you a distinct disadvantage. Keep your head!  The element of surprise can be very powerful when thwarting a physical assault.  Your attacker will not be expecting you to react swiftly.  Most predators are counting on intimidating their victim into what is sometimes referred to as “mind numbing fear”.  Remember, in a precarious situation, there is no need to waste time with warnings. Just do what you need to do and get to a public location as quickly as possible.  No verbal threats. …Women’s self defense has nothing to do with verbal threats!

Preparedness Is Key!

Paranoia is not a good thing, and we don’t need to be looking over our shoulder…. However, anticipating the mere possibility of a bad situation, and mentally planning your defense strategy could serve you well. These days, many safety products and personal defense weapons are readily available in the marketplace.  Still, basic self defense techniques should also be developed, as they could save your life or the life of a loved one. Don’t underestimate the advantage you’ll have should you decide to carry a gun. As with your body, you should plan to get professional training, as well as proper state licensing to carry a weapon. Check out “Handgun Girls” for more information.

key-weaponsIf you find yourself in a desperate situation, and without a weapon, a make-shift tool could be right there in your purse or pocket.  Your car keys (or house keys) can be an effective weapon if used properly.  However, if available to you, devices like pepper spray, a taser, or even your car door remote (using the alarm) could help fend off your attacker.

These tools often stop crimes before they have a chance to happen.  Making an investment in your personal safety is a wise choice – hopefully you’ll never need to use a weapon, but having one on your person is a great start to being prepared.

Do What You Have To Do – Then Get Away!  

Your defense moves should be to get as far away from the attacker, as fast as you can. If he has a gun, pry yourself from his hold and run. The chances of a gunman actually hitting a running target are very slim. Struggle, scream and fight back as much as you can to prevent being dragged into a secluded corner, for obvious reasons.  If the situation evolves into a greater threat (ie rape), many instances of escape have been recorded where the woman purposely pees her pants to turn the perpetrator away.  Hey, don’t laugh, this has proven very effective!

Know this; even the biggest and toughest guy has weak points on his body.  Know these weaknesses: The groin, eyes, throat and knees (G, E, T, K) are all vulnerable areas of the human anatomy.  Strike firmly, with all your might.  Punch, kick, whatever you have to do!  Just don’t “freeze” – you’ll be left completely vulnerable to your attacker if you do.  Once again, keep your head! A solid practice and the basis for women’s self defense techniques should be knowledge.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, compassion and sympathy often get women into trouble.  Never stop to help somebody unless there are others around to assist.  If someone asks for directions, walk while you talk;  it is more difficult to capture a person on the move, or in motion. Although a lot of these precautionary measures are helpful for women, they can, and should be used by everyone.

Each year, almost 1.9 million women are sexually assaulted in the US alone. When you’re outside the safety of your home, be mindful of your surroundings and don’t be engrossed in your headphones or thoughts which may divert your attention from a possible threat.

It cannot be overstated, Prepare Yourself – body and mind.  Your body is your secret weapon.  Learning basic self defense for women is crucial. If called upon, be sure your body is trained to it’s full potential.  Enroll in a self-defense course in your local community, or search for resources online to train yourself.  This site is a great place to start. We’re glad you’re here. Invest in a few personal protection devices.  Please, don’t become a statistic! Fight back and let them know that you won’t be their victim!

Disclaimer: The author is not to be considered as an authority on what to do in the event of a physical altercation.  The advice contained herein serves only as an aid to assist others, based upon the author’s personal experience alone. The owner of this material assumes no responsibility or liability for physical harm or mental anguish that may result from the practice of any self defense technique described herein. © 2014 Body Weapon

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